Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is coolbert:

"Cronkite: Jimmy Carter 'Smartest President'"

"Deceased news icon Walter Cronkite went on the record saying that in his opinion President Jimmy Carter was the nation’s 'smartest president,'"

"Cronkite . . . added 'that the smartest President he ever met was Jimmy Carter'"

This is news? Anecdotal comments by the recently passed away television news anchor Walter Cronkite regarding the "smarts" of President Jimmy Carter.

President Carter is the smartest man in the office that Cronkite ever met? NOT necessarily the smartest president but the smartest president that Walter actually MET!

This may well be true. Carter was and is bright, did have an excellent education at the Naval Academy, Annapolis, and DID STUDY NUCLEAR PHYSICS AND NUCLEAR REACTOR PHYSICS!

Carter did [does?] like to refer to himself as a physicist. Actually not a physicist, but had studied nuclear physics, specifically the physics as applicable to a nuclear reactor as would be found on a submarine. This part of the naval program as instituted by the famous Admiral Rickover.

You CANNOT have attended Annapolis, graduated, and have studied nuclear physics as part of the nuclear submarine program, done well, and NOT HAVE BEEN SMART!!

Policies, programs, and record of the Carter presidency aside, just as to the merits of Carter as a educated, brilliant, and highly intelligent man, what Walter says sounds correct!

The smartest president he MET!


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