Monday, September 2, 2019


This is coolbert:

From WIZARD through Harry at Sharkhunters.


"AMERICA’S SMART SHELLS - A Cannon-Delivered Area Effects Munitions is a 155 millimetre [eight inch] artillery round in development for the Army’s M777 howitzer; the shell will be able to guide itself toward its intended target, even in areas where GPS is jammed by enemy forces."

Expect in the conventional warfare scenario of tomorrow that the Global Positioning System [GPS] guidance systems to be jammed or interfered with. Weapons systems currently highly reliant on GPS for guidance becoming ineffective.

I cannot confirm but I think those "smart shells" as mentioned are Excalibur rounds. Can use GPS guidance for pin-point accuracy with one round fired.

Alternative methods for "pin-point" accuracy now exist. Inertial guidance and precision-guidance when the round as guided onto target by laser illumination.

Inertial guidance: "Inertial guidance system, electronic system that continuously monitors the position, velocity, and acceleration of a vehicle, usually a submarine, missile, or airplane [or even an artillery round with micro-electronics], and thus provides navigational data or control "


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