Sunday, September 29, 2019


This is coolbert:

If this indeed be so consider the Saudi in serious trouble. Mass capture or surrender of troops never a good sign.

From Freeper and Russian media RT thanks to both:

1. "Yemen war: Houthi rebels claim mass capture of Saudi troops"

"Houthi rebels in Yemen say they have captured a large number of Saudi troops after a major attack near the border between the two countries. A Houthi spokesman told the BBC that three Saudi brigades had surrendered near the Saudi town of Najran"

2. "Yemen’s Houthis claim ‘senior Saudi officers’ among captured or killed in major operation near Najran"

"Houthis have launched a major operation against Saudi forces near the kingdom’s southern region of Najran, capturing or killing a significant number of troops, their spokesman said. Riyadh has yet to confirm or deny the claim."

Houthi rebels no longer confined to the hunt-and-peck war-of-the-flea type of insurgency. Houthi fighters armed only with British SMLE rifle a thing of the past. Houthi now possessing combat drones and ballistic missiles.

Defeats of this type too can be a game-changer? We shall see!


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