Sunday, April 8, 2018

Le Visham.

This is coolbert:

Everybody wants to be a SS Mann?

Remember, this is all make believe!

From the British media outlet Metro and the story by Richard Hartley-Parkinson.

"War re-enactment weekend with actors in Nazi uniforms cancelled as it might cause offence

"A railway which puts on a World War Two re-enactment weekend has withdrawn its invitation to people who dress as German soldiers following negative publicity. The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, which is a charity, said it was a ‘very difficult decision’ but the board was unanimous."

That troop in helmet appears to have SS collar tabs? This is in part what the furor is about? Click on image to see an enlarged view.

"For the last 12 years, its quaint station at Levisham has been transformed into ‘Le Visham’, a German-occupied town in northern France as part of a larger re-enactment weekend also involving Allied forces."


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MORE on this LATER!


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