Wednesday, April 4, 2018


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Honey trap = "Using a beautiful seductive woman to solicit, obtain and get information for a government." Espionage Mata Hari style in the ancient and venerable manner but in the modern version done virtually using Internet social media..

From Strategy Page and thanks to the tip from Freeper copied more less in entirety and unashamedly so:

"Intelligence: Facebook And The Virtual Honey Trap"

"In early 2018 Indian media reported cases of officers (one air force, one army) being arrested after getting caught stealing, or attempting to steal, classified documents for a girlfriend they met on the Internet (often Facebook). This is called a honey trap and usually involves a female spy befriending someone and seducing secrets out of him. But since Internet access via cell phones became so common in the last decade the 'virtual honey trap' has become more popular in many parts of the world. By 'virtual' is meant that military men, usually officers, are seduced by virtual women via social networks where the recruiters use photosand [?] talk of eventual physical contact in exchange for digital photos of documents sent via encrypted apps like WhatsApp. After some initial success the Indian military cracked down by ordering military personnel, especially those with access to classified data, to not use their real names or indicate they are in the military while online, especially on social networks. In addition rules forbidding having cell phones in areas where classified documents or activities are were more strictly enforced."

Boys, the beautiful and seductive woman at the other end of the Internet conversation may not even be a woman! Boys, those applications [apps] and images you download to your smart phone may indeed contain malware of a bad sort. Your smart phone can be turned on from afar and used to spy on you and done in a manner you are not even aware of. Beware!


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