Tuesday, April 3, 2018


This is coolbert:


J.D. = Jihadi disease. Daesh = Islamic State.

From Sputnik:

"What is the Mysterious 'Jihadist Disease' and How is It Treated?"

"The so-called 'jihadist disease' unexplainably plagued the territories captured by Daesh*, causing its victims to literally rot from the inside out. An Iranian doctor and surgeon, Nasser Dehghani, told Sputnik about this unusual disease."

"According to Dehghani, Leishmaniasis (a.k.a. 'jihadist disease') is one of the so-called "neglected tropical diseases" (NTDs) that haunts the poorest populations of tropical countries. Its spread is tightly connected to the living conditions and when they worsen drastically, for example as the result of war, an epidemic can break out, like what happened in Syria and Iraq. Thus it is not actually directly connected to the Daesh, especially considering the Iranian origins of the strain. But their actions did play a role in the outbreak."


1. Historically the two biggest killers in wartime have been water and feet. Either not having enough water to drink or drinking bad water. Feet the soldier not able to march and falling out from formation, set upon and murdered by local civilians, marauders, guerrillas.

2. These Islamic State combatants dispersed, defeated and are returning to nations all over the world and bringing the disease with them/ We have not seen the last of J.D.?

3. An important aspect of modern warfare prophylactic medicine in all forms to keep the soldier healthy and effective.


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