Sunday, April 29, 2018

SG 38.

This is coolbert:

Aviation of the German kind! 1938!

An image as taken by myself at the United States Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio, USA. German warplane [?] in the foreground a German SG 38 glider from the inter-war years. That most basic and rudimentary instruction and flight experience for German youth as was available during that period. Sub rosa intention to train the cadre of future pilots for the ever expanding Luftwaffe.


"This historic German educational film shows flights of sailplanes or gliders. After World War I many gliders were built for sporting purposes in Germany, because of post-WWI regulations forbidding the construction and flight of motorized planes. As a result the country's aircraft enthusiasts often turned to gliders and were actively encouraged by the German government, particularly at flying sites suited to gliding flight like the Wasserkuppe.

Strangely enough [?} SG 38 still flying but not launched in the manner as would have been the case in 1938. From the Internet web site SPLOID we see a Go-Pro9 video of the glider as towed aloft to a relatively high altitude and then released. An ultra-light without motor. Wasserkuppe still going strong many decades later. The tradition continues.


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