Sunday, April 22, 2018

Yakuza PMC

This is coolbert:

We have heard of Sandline. We have heard of Executive Outcomes. We have heard of Blackwater. We have heard of the Wagner Group.

NOW hear of PMC Yakuza. Private military company Japan style!

Thanks to the story as seen at the Russian media outlet Russian Times [RT]:

"Japan’s Yakuza wants to go legit with ‘private army’ business"

"The Japanese underworld is planning to branch out and provide bodyguards and security personnel for legitimate businesses in Southeast Asia, Japan's Flash Magazine reported citing the leader of a yakuza group."

Yakuza Japanese gangsters. Organized crime contrary to popular opinion a phenomenon quite common in Japan. Yakuza noted for their strong-arm intimidation tactics, hired goons who use martial arts on you to enforce demands and refusals to demands.

"In an interview, Yoshinori Oda, the head of the Ninkyo Dantai Yamaguchi-gumi gang talked about plans to set up a private military company (PMC). He claimed that 'outside of Japan, PMCs already exist in the United States and Europe.'”

PMC an ancient and venerable tradition at least from the time of the European Renaissance and made famous by the Englishman John Hawkwood. Again PMC all the rage? The yakuza gangster also very fond of and instantaneously recognizable by his many elaborate tattoo!


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