Monday, April 11, 2016


This is coolbert:

First we take Palmyra, then we take Berlin. NOT exactly of course.

But that combination of Russian warplanes and groups consisting of contingents from the Syrian National Army, Hezbollah, Iran and Iraqi Shia militia continuing their advance. Thanks to the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter.

"Russian-backed Syrian and allied forces take ISIS-held town"

4 April.

"After more than 40 Russian air strikes, the Syrian army and allies Monday entered the ISIS-held town of al-Qaryatain, 100km west of Palmyra, which was recaptured last week from the Islamic State. This is reported by Syrian State TV."

"After Palmyra, Al-Qaryatain, Syrian army heads for ISIS-held Sukhneh"

5 April.

"After capturing Palmyra and Al Qaryatain from the Islamic State in a week, the Syrian army and allies, backed by heavy Russian air strikes, next turns to Sukhneh on the Palmyra-Deir Ez-Zour highway. The predominantly Christian pilgrimage town of Al Qaryatain, which lies midway between Palmyra and Damascus, was strewn by ISIS with mines and explosives before its retreat. The 5th century St. Elian monastery had been bulldozed and the church and cemetery desecrated"

Reading these various reports you would think the combatants of the Islamic State are on the ropes in the proverbial boxing match. Down and out, taking body punches that are hurting them very badly. When retiring from the battlefield ISIL making widespread use of mines and demolitions, booby traps, IED, etc. Creating a wasteland and leaving towns and cities uninhabitable.


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