Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bibi & Vlad.

This is coolbert:

From the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter further regarding the "encounter" between Israeli and Russian warplanes.

That trip of the Israeli Prime Minister to Moscow and concerns as expressed by same also including the situation on the ground in Syria.

1. "Netanyahu, Putin hold cordial meeting in Moscow, with Syria at center stage"

21 April.

"Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu flew back to Israel on Thursday evening after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The Russian leader greeted the prime minister warmly and admitted that the situation in Syria is 'complicated.' On his part, Netanyahu emphasized the need for maintaining the coordination between the two air forces, preventing Hizballah from obtaining advanced weapons, and preventing terrorists from opening a new front against Israel from the Golan Heights."

President Putin describing the situation in Syria. NO! The situation in Syria perhaps the most complicated in the history of modern warfare, only the Russian Civil War of almost one hundred years ago even comparable.

2. "Near clash of Israeli, Russian planes over Syria"

21 April.

"Western and Middle Eastern military sources monitoring the war in Syria, and networks monitoring Russian air force flights in the country, reported Wednesday afternoon that there was almost a clash earlier in the day between four Israeli F-15 fighters and two Russian Su-30 jets. The sources report that after a short time in which there was concern that a confrontation between the Russian and Israeli air forces was about to occur, both groups of jets turned back."

That "near clash" as described MORE than a "near clash". WEAPONS ACTUALLY FIRED AS REPORTED FROM OTHER SOURCES!

Things already extremely tense and now even exacerbated!!


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