Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bowie Knife.

This is coolbert:

The fear here is the lone-wolf, home-grown, self-radicalized jihadist attacking a recruitment office!

"Army Chief of Staff Opposes Private Weapons for Protection on U.S. Military Installations"

"( - 'I've been around guns all my life. I know how to use them, and arming our people on our military bases and allowing them to carry concealed, privately owned weapons -- I do not recommend that as a force protection,' Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley told Congress on Thursday."

Military installation so broadly defined as to mean and include any recruiting office.

That prohibition against military personnel possessing and carrying a privately owned weapon WHILE ON DUTY a legacy of the Vietnam War? Carry a weapon YES but only when the army says it is OK to do so and then ONLY that weapon as issued to you?

From the era of fifty years ago personally owned weapons in the war-zone prohibited on the direct order of General Westmoreland, too many BAD INSTANCES OF TROOPS USING THEM ON ONE ANOTHER DURING BRAWLS!

My own personal experience in this matter was the first thirty minutes of arriving at the Oakland Army Terminal [OART] in 1966 prior to shipping out for overseas.

About half the troops present when briefed that carrying a privately owned weapon in Vietnam was a courts martial offense turned in either a huge Bowie knife or a handgun. OART collecting the weapons and storing for safekeeping upon your return from the war-zone.



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