Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kiev & Palmyra.

This is coolbert:

As it is in Palmyra 2016 so it was in Kiev 1941. An entire city rigged to blow with thousands of remotely detonated mines, demolitions, booby traps, IED, etc.

From 911 blogger and thanks:

"Wireless detonation in the course of history"

"militaries have been using forms of wireless detonation for explosives at least since WW II."

“During the Second World War, Nazi Germany occupied Kiev on 19 September 1941 . . .  Overall, the battle proved disastrous for the Soviet side but it significantly delayed the German advances."

"Before the evacuation [of Kiev], the Red Army planted more than ten thousand mines throughout Kiev, controlled by wireless detonators. On September 24, when the German invaders had settled into the city, the mines were detonated, causing many of the major buildings to collapse, and setting the city ablaze for five days. More than a thousand Germans were killed in what was 'the biggest and most sophisticated booby trap in history.'"

Correct! The German having occupied Kiev finding themselves in the midst of an inferno, mines remotely detonated! The entire city blowing up around them and causing massive casualties and damage to infrastructure.


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