Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ansar Allah.

This is coolbert:

From Joseph and the Internet web site we have further clarification of the situation in Yemen:

"Yemen’s Shiite rebels are not Iran proxies: US intelligence officials"

"American intelligence officials have cautioned against the popular narrative that Yemen’s Shiite rebels are proxies or Iran . . . Known as Houthis, the group formally calls itself Ansar Allah (Supporters of God) and consists almost exclusively of Zaidi tribesmen, who follow an obscure form of Shia Islam. Their denomination, which distinguishes them from Yemen’s Sunni majority, shapes their ethnic identity and has helped fuel their 20-year insurgency against the Yemeni state."

"The [insurgency has] caused many in the Middle East to accuse Iran, whose Shiite government maintains strong religious and ideological connections with Yemen’s Zaidi community, of using the Houthis as a proxy army in order to destabilize Saudi Arabia’s southern regions. The latter are also populated by Shiite tribes, who are ethnically affiliated with the Houthis and view Iran as a kind of spiritual homeland."

"The Huffington Post said on Monday that American intelligence officials are far from convinced that Iran is actually directing the Houthi insurgency"

Aiding and abetting and supporting hardly the same as DIRECTING! That word directing as the word generally, commonly and ordinarily understood.

Houthi as it is called a movement the Zaidi tribe the most prominent and integral component. Trans-national and not recognizing that border between Yemen and Saudi.

"An obscure form of Shia Islam" not a whole unlike the Alawite in Syria also "an obscure form of Shia Islam"?


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