Friday, April 24, 2015

Adam Gadahn.

This is coolbert:

Adam swims with the fishes? Hot red Flash message! Adam has not been heard in a long time doing the propaganda broadcasts. Now we better understand why!

"Warren Weinstein, Adam Gadahn Killed in U.S. Operation"

"Dr. Warren Weinstein, an American aid worker held hostage by al Qaeda, was accidentally killed in a U.S. drone strike, as was an Italian hostage, Giovanni Lo Porto, and another American who was an al Qaeda leader, the White House announced on Thursday. Officials also announced that a separate operation killed Adam Gadahn, another American who became a prominent propagandist for al Qaeda."

Of Adam Gadahn we have not heard a lot in a long time. Until now. Apparently it has been confirmed that Adam was killed by a drone strike. Hellfire has done the job? Adam the first American charged with treason in over fifty years has now been killed!

Two hostages also killed, and one other man [an American] not-identified other than a Al Qaeda "leader".

Adam from a family in a state of devolution [going backwards]. His grandfather was a judge, his father a hippie and goat rancher, and Adam a terrorist and traitor. Luca Brazzi swims with the fishes and now too does Adam.

P.S. These drone attacks and the deaths as reported occurred in January and only now have come to light and having been made public.


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