Friday, April 25, 2014


This is coolbert:

From the DEBKAfile:

"Syrian-Iranian chlorine bomb mocks US-Russian chemical pact"

"21 April. On April 11, Syrian planes dropped Chinese-manufactured chlorine gas canisters rigged with explosive detonators on Kafr Zita near Hama. Since then, British and French intelligence sources have reported at least four such attacks against the northern towns of Idlib and Homs and the Harasta and Jobar districts outside Damascus. Assad is dropping these crippling gas bombs at the rate of one every three days, mocking the 2013 Kerry-Lavrov chemical disarmament pact. DEBKAfile: Iran is supplying Damascus with Chinese chlorine purchased in industrial quantities over the Internet from a Hangzhou-based firm."

Crude but effective chemical warfare agents not being used by the Syrian.

Having disposed of chemical stockpiles [?] and eschewed the further use of same, the Syrian now employing the old but effective and in the right concentrations lethal poison gas chlorine.

Here we find the Chinese-Iranian-Syrian connection?

Industrial level chlorine as purchased considered as legal and aboveboard but when used as a weapon nonetheless toxic and deadly.

Say what you will about DEBKA [the noted blogger Spengler rated DEBKA as unreliable under all circumstances] but NO WHERE ELSE IN THE MEDIA INTERNATIONAL OR LOCAL HAVE I FOUND THIS TOPIC EVEN MENTIONED!

Chlorine a choking agent and against personnel not equipped with protective mask and proper training causing death and injury.


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