Wednesday, April 30, 2014


This is coolbert:

From Strategy Page that appreciation of Hezbollah the fighting arm of which is described by the # 3 man in the American FBI as BEST light infantry in the world. Confirmed!!

Hezbollah fighting units active in Syria as we speak, aiding and abetting the anti-insurgency campaign of the despot Assad, and very successful in doing so.

Well trained, disciplined, experienced AND RUTHLESS IN THE EXTREME!

Resilient, flexible and dynamic. Fighting as a conventional force when necessary but also availing themselves of time proven unconventional means and methods additionally.

"Counter-Terrorism: The Hezbollah Advantage"
 "the Hezbollah 'army' only consists of about 2,000 full timers and 10,000 part timers, there is also a much larger force of trained reserves (trained personnel no longer on the payroll). Many of these reservists have been called on to 'volunteer' to spend 3-6 months fighting in Syria."

"Hezbollah experience, training and professionalism has been a nasty shock to the rebels. Hezbollah fighters can operate as effectively (and often more so) than trained Syrian soldiers, but also fall back on many terrorist and commando techniques they have learned from the Iranians and decades of combat inside Lebanon and on the Israeli border. Inside Syria the Hezbollah fighters are feared by the rebels and respected by the Syrian soldiers."

Hezbollah of course also possessing a GLOBAL REACH THAT IS QUITE REMARKABLE.

Contingents and elements performing a degree of non-military activity, gangsterism and even lone-wolf operations on demand.

Flexible, dynamic, resilient!!


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