Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Benny Lee.

This is coolbert:


From the Chicago Sun Times today:


"Charge: Felon pretended to be Air Force officer at Navy Pier"

Once more we have the regrettable story of the wannabee military man [not claiming to be a hero], the imposter, the prevaricator, the poseur'.

And perhaps in the process of impersonating an officer in the United States Air Force [USAF], also it can be suggested having a more sinister motivation.

A man innocent until proven guilty of course! [already a convicted felon it should be noted]

"When Benny Lee Butler arrived at the Tall Ships Chicago event at Navy Pier this summer, he allegedly was sporting a U.S. Air Force battle-dress, uniform with the rank of major."

[merely wearing of the uniform does constitute a crime. Wearing the uniform and CLAIMING to be a military man is a crime.]

Benny Lee not only wearing the uniform and claiming to be active duty but also in possession of fake documents, ID card and military papers what they are called.

Unmasked and now in the deep doo-doo!

"Butler said he on active duty at Scott Air Force Base in southern Illinois, but kept changing his story until he admitted he was never in the military, according to the complaint. he allegedly said he wore a uniform because he wanted 'to be like you guys' and was trying to 'fit in'."

Mr. Butler as has been noted already a convicted felon with a penchant for uniforms with the intent so it seems to use that mark of authority for very wrong reasons.

"Butler . . . previously pleaded guilty to trying to lure children into his vehicle by posing as a Chicago Police officer."

Enough said. Please Mr. Butler, stop this silliness and learn to behave. Pharmaceuticals perhaps are the answer!



Unknown said...

I grew up with this person, the story of his penchant for fake uniforms goes back longer than anyone realizes.

Anonymous said...

Hi im very sorry to say this fruit n nut bar is my half brother honestly. Theres no helping this guy he is 100% damaged goods I wish I could say I love him but I can't I am scared to have him on the streets i have children and its obvious to me he is a predator and instead of locking his nut ass up they give him meds and let him go trusting he will take them its like they want our children to be hurt why else would u say he has rights when he has proven to only beinainfection to our society.