Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Arms Race.

This is coolbert:

From Freeper some more indications that the arms race in east Asian and the environs of the South China Sea continues. Even escalates.

1. "RI looks to Russia for submarines with multi-role missile systems (Indonesia)"

That Republic of Indonesia [RI] modernizing their submarine force. Antiquated Soviet era submersibles to be replace with more recent and capable Russian designs also firing more recent and capable weaponry.

"Indonesia is in talks with Russia on the purchase of a number of Kilo Class submarines, as the country expands its deterrent capabilities in anticipation of future regional disputes."

. . . .

"Indonesia required 'at least one submarine to cover each sea choke point' (a strategic narrow point of passage)."

"He said in total, the country needed a minimum of 12 submarines, as laid out in the Defense Ministry’s Minimum Essential Force strategy."

That suggests a minimum of SIX choke points to be guarded at all times? Half your submarine force on duty at sea all the time, the remainder in port during refit.

AND those choke points are? May I suggest:

* Malacca Strait [2].
* Sunda Strait.
* Lombok Strait..
* Makassar Strait.

Also those shipping lanes moving through the South China Sea and also approaches from Australia.

2. "Japan asked to share submarine technology (with Australia)"

"AUSTRALIA has asked Japan to consider providing highly advanced propulsion technology to be used in the navy's planned 12 new submarines."

Those "existing" Australian Collins class boats to be replaced by a more current model still on the drawing boards? The front half of the submarine based on American technology 'the same combat system and torpedoes as the US Virginia-class, nuclear-powered attack submarines and near-silent propellers' and the rear half  'back-end' technology based on Japanese innovation?

. . . .

"the use of Japan's extremely effective submarine technology in Australia's future submarine, which is most likely to be an evolution of Australia's existing Collins-class vessels."

. . . .

That  "back-end" technology THE drive train" - the whole propulsion system, from the propeller through to the electric motor and the diesel engine that charges the boat's batteries.'"

The Australian liking what they see in the front-end of the American Virginia class submarine but not needing or even wanting nuclear propulsion going to use the Japanese proven and effective "back end" technology presumably air-independent!

 3. "Vietnam looking to purchase BrahMos cruise missiles"

NOT ONLY the BrahMos missile. More than that.

"Looking to increase defence cooperation with India, Vietnam Communist party general secretary Nguyen Phu Trong also requested New Delhi for conversion training for Vietnamese pilots to fly Sukhoi-30 aircrafts."

"Vietnam formally requested India to supply the Indo-Russian BrahMos cruise missiles at a meeting in New Delhi . . .  adding that the Southeast Asian country was looking at enhancing security cooperation with India."

Enhancing security cooperation as a means to counter Chinese power in the area? This does seem obvious? Unspoken but tacit?

And the various nations of the area also not seeing the United States as a world super-power acting as the "sheriff" on duty in the foreseeable future. Nations having to become more self-reliant for their own self defense and acting accordingly.


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