Tuesday, December 10, 2013


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Betcha' didn't know about this one!

From StrategyPage the Chinese having established a ADIZ  [air defense identification zone] in the East China Sea, a second ADIZ also defined in the South China Sea! That former widely reported in the main stream media, the latter NOT at all.

As from StrategyPage:

"December 2, 2013: China announced that it has the right to set up an ADIZ over international air space near the Philippines or even within the Filipino EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) that extends 380 kilometers from the coast. The EEZ is recognized by an international treaty that China signed but now ignores by claiming reefs and uninhabited islands off the Filipino coast. The Philippines quickly responded that it would not tolerate a Chinese ADIZ off the Filipino coast. But the Philippines will have to rely on stronger allies to actually thwart such Chinese moves."

Filipino claims in that area of the South China Sea included in the EEZ presumably Scarborough Shoals.

According to convention, ALL aircraft military and civilian entering the ADIZ must have filed a flight plan in advance AND have their transponder turned on. That latter measure for remote interrogation when approached by air defense interceptors.

Those civilian aircraft entering the Chinese East China Sea ADIZ advised to file a flight plan and turn on the transponder, MILITARY AIRCRAFT AS OF THIS DATE BEING TOLD NOT TO COMPLY WITH THE REQUIREMENTS. American, South Korean [?] and Japanese [?] warplanes already having tested Chinese resolve in this regard?

That Filipino having retired the last of their combat fighter warplanes NOT even possessing the possibility of response to the Chinese demands.

Keep in mind the United States and the Philippines have a bi-lateral defense treaty. Any attack upon the Philippines by whatever power is considered to be an attack on the United States and appropriate measures will be taken!


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