Friday, November 15, 2013

Von Mackensen.

This is coolbert:
"Here rest Serbian heroes"

One of those German senior commanders during the Romanian campaign of 1916, an old-school Prussian able even during the extreme nature of combat during the Great War [WW1] still able to comport himself in a chivalrous manner, acknowledging the bravery and courage of the adversary when made manifest.

Anton Ludwig August von Mackensen.

"Anton Ludwig August von Mackensen . . . was a German soldier and field marshal. He commanded with success during the First World War and became one of the German Empire's most prominent military leaders."

Most specifically so from the Serbian campaign of 1915 and during the battle to capture Belgrade, Von Mackensen in the aftermath of battle: "erected a monument to the Serbian soldiers who died defending Belgrade"!

"In October 1915, Mackensen, in command of the newly formed Army Group Mackensen. . . which included the German 11th army, Austro-Hungarian 3rd army, and Bulgarian 1st army), led a renewed German-Austro-Hungarian-Bulgarian campaign against Serbia . . . the troops of the Central Powers encountered a very stiff resistance, so Mackensen erected a monument to the Serbian soldiers who died defending Belgrade,"

That monument still stands! Almost 100 years later Von Mackensen and those Serb defenders of Belgrade not forgotten!

Such honor as acknowledged by the victor and extended to the vanquished normally TOTALLY UNHEARD OF! Von Mackensen definitely of the old-school.

That Serb defender without question [?] the "2nd battalion of the 10th Cadre Regiment" reinforced and commanded by Dragutin Gavrilovic.

"Gavrilović at the time commanded the 2nd battalion of the 10th Cadre Regiment, which, along with a detachment of Belgrade gendarmerie and a group of about 340 volunteers from Syrmia"

Dragutin Gavrilovic. A Serb hero and the commander of a unit of Serb heroes.

Von Mackensen sometimes described in the aftermath of the Second World as a Nazi supporter, but rather should be seen as a MONARCHIST! Hoped for as did Ludendorff for the restoration of the old-time Prussian Kingdom and German Empire and the continued rule by an aristocracy and nobility of titled land owners. NO LONGER was ever to be.

Devoted readers to the blog know of other such examples from the history of warfare? The victor extending honors to the vanquished? This is a very rare occurrence?


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