Sunday, November 10, 2013

Unit 504.

This is coolbert:

Once more from the DEBKAfile:

From only this 6 November.

"Citation for excellence awarded IDF undercover 504 Unit."

"Director of Military Intelligence (AMAN) Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi Tuesday awarded a citation of excellence to IDF undercover Unit 504 for a 'a unique operation of an undisclosed nature, which once again broke the bounds of covert activity.'"

Secretive Israeli Unit 504 awarded a decoration for operations of a classified nature.

Unit 504 operates apparently under the auspices of Israeli military intelligence [AMAN] and should not be confused with Mossad or Shin Bet.

And Unit 504 most associated with what is referred to as Camp 1391?

"Camp 1391 is an Israel Defense Forces prison camp for 'high-risk' prisoners in northern Israel, run by Unit 504 and less than an hour's drive from Tel Aviv. The existence of the prison was unknown to the public before 2003, and most information about it remains classified"

MORE like high-value prisoners of a special nature. Unit 504 conducts detailed interrogations of prisoners that know something or know A LOT!

Unit 504 personnel fluent in the language, culture, mores of the captured "enemy", whomever they may be?

And Unit 504 authorized to use the rough stuff if needed? The methods, the techniques, the protocols of the "enhanced" interrogation!

Camp 1391 until very recently the existence of which was a closely guarded secret, the camp now dismantled?

Most interestingly so [?] this Camp 1391 apparently a legacy of the British Palestinian Mandate. That camp situated on what used to be an English Taggert fort [correctly spelled Tegart but the common usage of Taggart in use here!] built during the Arab Uprising of the 1930's.

"Camp 1391 is situated in a Tegart fort on route 574 between kibbutz Barkai and kibbutz Ma'anit in northern Israel. It is operated by the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Corps"

Ostrovsky speaks of prisons in Israel where persons disappear never to be seen again. Camp 1391 is one of them?


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