Friday, November 1, 2013

Raja Kiram.

This is coolbert:

From StrategyPage we have an update on the Sabah situation.

Filipino Muslims under the command [?] of their Rajah having invaded Malaysia [Sabah] earlier this year having been put to rout, their ruler and commander [?] his force having been annihilated, the Rajah now having died a natural death:

"October 20, 2013: The southern clan leader (Raja Kiram) of the disastrous 'invasion' of Malaysia last February died of natural causes in the Philippines. That 'invasion' was put down back in June, when Malaysia officially ended its military operations against the Filipino invaders in Sabah. Malaysian police appear to have eliminated (killed, captured, driven out, or driven underground) all the Filipino Moslems associated with Raja Kiram."

Ancient claims made by the Rajah and his amphibious force of rebels now either dead or captured or further "eliminated" in some manner, the matter is now at rest?

Or is it? These sort of problems and sovereignty issues never 100 % totally disappear. That Rajah has children, some of who still aspire to a leadership role of what they see as their unfulfilled destiny?

That Filipino Muslim [Moro] for CENTURIES at odds with engaged in combat what they perceive as the invader, of whatever race, nationality or political persuasion. Spanish, American, Filipino Christian, NOW even Malaysian Muslim.

That Moro NEVER giving up, no matter what.

See previous blog entries regarding that insurrection and invasion of Sabah:

That Moro an eternal people wholly consumed with a martial fervor and intensified with an almost overwhelming religiosity! We have not heard the last from the followers of the Rajah?


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