Sunday, November 10, 2013

Peter the Great.

This is coolbert:

Thanks to DEBKAfile this update and headline:

"Russia's 'aircraft carrier killer' vessel Varyag in Mediterranean."

Varyag accompanined by the Petr Velikiy. A missile firing battle cruiser of the Kirov class.

"Petr Velikiy [Peter the Great] is a heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser (TARKR), the fourth Kirov class battlecruiser of the Russian Navy . . . the ship is not a battlecruiser by the traditional definition of the type, but a missile cruiser"

The Peter the Great a missile firing cruiser, those missile of the surface-to-surface variety, ship killers.

Missile firing warships such as the Petr Velikiy able to engage enemy ships far beyond line-of-sight, combat not in the manner of Jutland or Tsushima!

Peter the Great also having two organic 130 mm gun capable of shore fire or even engaging and enemy vessel.

Peter the Great nuclear powered.

The U.S. Navy other than for aircraft carriers having given up a long time ago on nuclear powered surface vessels.

That up and down and side to side motion a vessel encounter while sailing on the high seas not conducive to a fully functioning and fully capable water-cooled nuclear reactor? American aircraft carriers too big to be bothered by such oceanic movement?

But the Russians still persist with surface nuclear-powered warships of the conventional kind. The Russians know something the Americans do not know?

Russian icebreakers operating in the arctic for some time also nuclear powered but under circumstances the operation of a nuclear reactor not subject to adverse wave and storm movement.

Some expert and a devoted reader to the blog knows better?


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