Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Three Technologies.

This is coolbert:

Thanks to Colonel Austin Bay, the Telegraph and Victor Suvorov in all cases.

1. As elaborated upon by Colonel Bay in the aftermath of the Boston terrorist bombing:

"2013 Boston Terror's 19th-Century Roots"

"European anarchists in the late 19th century relied on three technologies to commit and then transform human massacre into international political terrorism: the railroad, improved explosives and the telegraph."

"for some 140 years, the world has yet to balance the benefits and threats of mobility and miniaturization."

Again those three technologies greatly facilitating terrorism as favored by anarchists and nihilists of the 19th century:

* The railroad.
* Improved explosives.
* Telegraph.

Transportation [railroad], means [explosives], and communications [telegraph].

Those three technologies in the modern era improved upon by magnitudes. The current analog technologies the jet airline [transportation], the Internet [communications] and Semtex [explosive].

Explosives available to the terrorist in the modern form even beyond ordinary Semtex or C4 [both of the plastic explosive variety] but to also include the ANFO [ammonium nitrate fuel oil] bomb or perhaps weapons of mass destruction to include nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological [NBCR].

2. ONLY from today these arrest having been made, persons with apparently aspiration planning terrorist attacks the intention to use model radio-controlled aircraft to do so:

 "Students 'planned terror attack using remote control planes'"

"Police have carried out raids in Germany and Belgium targeting a suspected Islamist plot by aeronautics students at the University of Stuttgart to use remotely controlled planes for a terrorist attack."

"Two of the suspected plotters were students in the aeronautics department at the University of Stuttgart, who were developing systems for using GPS to guide pilotless aircraft, according to the German public broadcaster SWR."

3. Finally, that suggestion that model radio-controlled aircraft might be used in a terrorist incident quite plausible. From 1987 as described by Suvorov:

"Chapter 15 SPETSNAZ'S FIRST WORLD WAR from the book by Suvorov 'SPETSNAZ'."

"On 12 August, at 0558 local time - - a van comes to a halt on that vast empty parking lot in front of a supermarket in Washington. Three men open the doors of the van, roll out the fuselage of a light aircraft and attach its wings. A minute later its motor bursts into life. The plane takes off and disappears into the sky. It has no pilot. It is controlled by radio with the aid of very simple instruments, only slightly more complicated than those used by model aircraft enthusiasts. The plane climbs to about 200 meters and immediately begins to descend in the direction of the White House. A minute later a mighty explosion shakes the capital of the United States. The screaming of sirens on police cars, fire engines and ambulances fills the city."

"Three minutes later a second plane sweeps across the center of the city and there is a second explosion in the place where the White House once stood. The second plane has taken off from a section of highway under construction, and has a quite different control system. Two cars with radio beacons in them have been left earlier in the middle of the city. The beacons have switched on automatically a few seconds before the plane's take-off. The automatic pilot is guided by the two beacons and starts to descend according to a previously worked-out trajectory. The second plane has been sent off by a second group operating independently of the first one."

Those 19th century terrorists of the ilk anarchist or nihilist too NOT wanting too many collateral damage casualties. Precautions taken to minimize those numbers of innocent bystanders killed or maimed. In marked contrast to the modern terrorist who is absorbed and pre-occupied with having AS MANY innocent bystanders and passers-by killed or wounded.


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