Sunday, June 2, 2013


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From the Chicago Tribune today.


"Piracy starting to lose ground"

"3 Somalis face U.S. trial as security efforts turn tide"

It would seem that the multi-national, involuntary, non-coercive MILITARY effort to combat piracy in the Horn of Africa region has had success and most markedly so.

"acts of piracy and armed robbery off the Somali coast. Reports show a dramatic decrease of attacks in the area since 2011.


2008    - -   26

2009    - -   163

2010    - -   174

2011    - -   176

2012    - -   35

2013    - -   3


Good news without question, the villains put to rout. The advantages as gained by piracy far outweighed by the consequences of being caught. The one measure to put the pirates to rout as with all criminals being the knowledge of swift and sure capture and punishment or death, .

Resolve, having the physical and mental wherewithal, the will power to commit to a sustained effort apparently contributing to a major success. So far! Continued strong and undiminished effort also needed for the long haul.

Those major maritime choke points of the Horn and Malacca traditionally plagued by piracy, the British Admiral Parry having predicted an exponential rise in the instances of the scourge, perhaps this not to be the case after all.

Those nations of the world order having responded in a timely fashion, continued vigilance required from this point forward.


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