Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Baron & Walt.

This is coolbert:

I guess this is some sort of a plus, but only in a tepid manner.

From the Chicago Tribune of only the other day.

A new law directed at the military impostor. The prevaricator, the fabulist, the wannabee war hero.

"Revised law targets phony boasts of military honors"

"Washington - - Pretend military heroes could face up to a year in prison under the latest version of the Stolen Valor Act, which President Barack Obama signed into law June e. it's a measure similar to one the Supreme Court deemed unconstitutional last year."

An individual merely lying about his military status and military honors and decorations not an offense. So ruled the U.S. Supreme Court. This particular legislation a further attempt to set right an affront to all veterans.

An important proviso to the new legislation:

"The Stolen Valor Act of 2013, however, has one key difference that set it apart from the 2013  version. It likens the lie to fraud and makes it illegal to falsely claim military honors for the purpose of obtaining 'money, property or other tangible benefit.'"

There you  have it in the proverbial nutshell. Lying of itself about honors and decorations not a crime. Lying and and deception about honors and decorations for the purpose of obtaining TANGIBLE BENEFITS wrong!

That wannabee war hero: "I won the Medal of Honor in Vietnam and five Silver Stars and was wounded seventeen times during secret missions [they are always secret missions] but all the files are classified" at least having some sort of action that can be taken against him, but ONLY if fraud for "monetary or other form of tangible gain" involved seems to be the case. Mere lying of itself not a crime.

This legislation better than nothing I guess. Blowhard prevaricator, fabulist, Walter Mitty and Baron Munchhausen persons with "issues" and terrible mental problems continue your act but do so with care. BEWARE IF UNMASKED!


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