Friday, June 21, 2013


This is coolbert:

"Darfur was a case where the bad buys won, and continue to win."


Thanks to StrategyPage we have an update on the Darfur situation.

A long running case of ethnic cleansing, the central government of the Sudan waging war against it's own people, the villains in this case apparently triumphant.

"Victory For The Bad Guys In Darfur"

As was FIRST reported and became and international item in 2006 and continues seemingly, unabated and unameliorated, the murder, rape, pillage, scorched earth and arson directed against the Fur people never stopping.


As described by StrategyPage:

 "A decade ago the Sudan government decided to deal with a rebellion by African tribes in the southwest by chasing the rebellious population away. Africans."
. . . .

"To get rid of the Fur, and Fur rebels, the government had loyal tribes in Darfur that were mainly nomadic herders who considered themselves Arab (although they looked like the sedentary Fur) . . . The government provided the nomads with guns and other equipment, as well as air support. The ethnic cleansing was largely done via raids that included looting, rape, murder, and extensive destruction of property . . . After a few years of this there were over 300,000 deaths (mostly among the farmers) and half the Darfur population (most of them black African farmers) driven from their homes. There are still over two million farmers in refugee camps." 
 . . . .

"The attacks on black African farmers continues with several hundred thousand driven from their villages so far this year."  


* Bashir the despot in Khartoum under indictment by the International Court but sitting pretty and not bothered by efforts to extradite him. Travels freely in the Islamic world without a care or concern so it seems.

* When we speak of SCORCHED we mean just that, the very earth of the Darfur region entire villages depopulated and then laid waste by burning, black as a cinder from the arson perpetrated,

* Nomads in reality the janjaweed! Convicts released from prison mounted on HORSEBACK committing ethnic cleansing. And EVIDENTLY SPREADING THEIR CRIMES BEYOND THE BORDERS OF THE SUDAN, POACHING THE ELEPHANT HERDS OF THE CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC AS WE SPEAK!

* Rape and BRANDING OF THE RAPE VICTIMS are integral part of the "war". A psychological measure with intent to destroy not only the current generation of young Fur woman of child bearing age but prevent future births within that ethnic group [Fur].

The release of convicts from prison and organized into paramilitary groups for the waging of war a strictly Islamic phenomenon? Devoted reads to the blog know better than Bert?

The villains have won? I fear it is so. That number of refugees continues to grow even as we speak a de-stabilizing factor for neighboring nations.

Chinese Gordon of Khartoum where are you when we need you?


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