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"We have a little bit of larceny it all of us boys" - - A. Capone.

Traitor, informer, thief, spy, murderer.

They don't get worse than that.

And all found in one man from the time of the Second World War.

Augustin Preucil. An odious character perhaps without peer during that conflict, his behavior and treachery undiminished in any way, an incorrigible individual lacking in any redeemable value.

As reported in the # 35 issue of "AFTER THE BATTLE" this item as copied in entirety:


"Spy in R.A.F. Shot His Pupil, Fled"



"PRAGUE, Tuesday"

"A FORMER 33-year-old Czech-Slovak Air Force sergeant, Augustin Preucil shot his pupil, a Polish airman while serving as an instructor in Britain and escaped with the plane to Belgium."

"This was stated at Prague to-day, when the People's Court sentenced Preucil to death for treason."

"Preucil entered the service of the Gestapo as an informer at the beginning of the German occupation of Czecho-Slovakia."

"Sent to Poland"

"The Gestapo sent him to Poland, where he joined the Czech-Slovak Air Force, and went with it to France."

"From France he went to Britain, where he was given the job of training pilots. When he fled to Belgium he was hidden by Belgian patriots, who game him civilian clothes."

"From Belgium Preucil went to Berlin where he betrayed his Belgian helpers and gave away to his Gestapo several military secrets he had learned in Britain."

"He was then sent to Prague. There he gave the Gestapo information on Czecho-Slovak airmen in Britain, which led to the persecution of their families."

"Later he serve as a 'stool-pigeon' in Terezin concentration camp - - Reuters."

"Shot his pupil" and "Fled" says the headline but much more than that.


Preucil sentenced to death and presumably executed, the article does not state the finality.

And as to the motivations of the man? Perhaps the Internet has further entries on Preucil?

That Terezin camp too a "model" concentration camp for Jews, used as a Potemkin village to fool international officials, including the International Committee of the Red Cross [ICRC].

P.S. Here and here are several Internet entries on Preucil. Yes, he was executed, his motivations remain not so totally clear. His betrayals enormous. Terezin also seems to have been a camp for American POW. He also infiltrated the Theresienstadt concentration camp occupied by Jews and informed on them as was the forte' of the man. Is there anything Augustin did not do? That "AFTER THE BATTLE" article more than twenty years before the unmasking of Preucil by the Observer! Preucil I think too a man who relished his task, a perverse and terribly warped mentality Augustin taking a great pleasure in his betrayals, sadly so!.


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