Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sergeant Bales.

This is coolbert:

This also from the Chicago Tribune.

Sergeant Bales will plead guilty. In all probability will avoid the death penalty.

"News briefing"

"Bales reaches plea deal to avoid death penalty"

"Seattle - - A U.S. soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians in two rampages from his Army post last year has reached a plea deal with prosecutors to avoid the death penalty, one of the lawyers said Wednesday."

This again is Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales: "a decorated veteran of four combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan"

Bales his actions even more inexplicably so from all descriptions A MODEL SOLIDER OF THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM AND COMPORTMENT AT ALL TIMES.

And there seems to be no suggestion other than this man just went amuck NOT during combat operations but single-handedly massacring civilians in a willful manner, not accidentally so or in a panic or a state of confusion!!

And this too!

Another American soldier having taken a plea bargain to escape the death penalty. Sergeant Russell in this instance having killed FIVE FELLOW SOLDIERS!

Also a man with repeated overseas deployments to a combat zone.

Russell at that actual moment of the deed being done IN THE MEDICAL CLINIC WHERE MENTAL CASES ARE DIAGNOSED AND TREATED!!

"Report: U.S. soldier pleads guilty to killing 5 comrades in Iraq 'out of rage'"

"(CNN) -- A U.S. Army sergeant pleaded guilty Monday to gunning down five fellow service members at a combat stress clinic in Iraq after military prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty."

"Sgt. John Russell admitted to the May 11, 2009, killings at Baghdad's Camp Liberty, telling a Joint Base Lewis-McChord court that he 'did it out of rage,' according to The News Tribune of Tacoma."

I am not sure what the term "life" sentence means under military law [UCMJ]. A life sentence as that term understood in the civilian realm usually meaning TWENTY YEARS! Natural life a sentence meaning until the day you day, however long that is into the future. As for Bales and Russell and sentencing of same, that degree of discretion left to the judges under UCMJ unknown to me.


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