Thursday, June 21, 2012


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 Switchblade. Anubis. The Keeper of the Way. 

 Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for the tip.

 In the religion of the ancient Egyptians, Anubis the jackal headed god was the Keeper of the Way. That Way being the transition between life and death!!

 Here is Switchblade. [those wings fold when not in use, hence the name Switchblade]

The latest and greatest unmanned aerial vehicle [UAV] NOW [?] currently being fielded.

 Allowing for troops at the company level a UAV KILL CAPABILITY!

NOT merely reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence gathering capability at such a low echelon BUT now that Switchblade, miniature in size similiar to your everyday average radio-controlled model aircraft AND CARRYING A WARHEAD OF SOME LETHALITY!!


 Predator and Reaper for some time large-scale drones carrying Hellfire missiles at work and doing yeoman work  in Afghan.

This Switchblade can kill too but is miniature! 

 Project Anubis one aspect of which is Switchblade?

 "The objective of Project Anubis was the development of a prototype, Non Line of Sight (NLOS) munition enabling engagement of time-sensitive fleeting, high value targets with an armed, tactical miniature aerial system (MAV) . . . Anubis will be able to perform what special operations snipers are doing today - but offer operators more opportunities to strike, perform more complex missions at longer range and ensure maximum safety for the shooter."


 Scale and perspective are important with the images as accompanying this blog entry. The size of Switchblade is best understood in this photo? Switchblade is tiny! 

 That specific warhead as carried by Switchblade not described. [it takes only a quarter pound of C4 explosvie to bring down a commercial airliner!] This is DIME weaponry? NOT sure, is not mentioned but it would not surprise me that the effort has been made to reduce markedly collateral damage from drones and DIME is one way to do that.


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