Friday, June 29, 2012

Stolen Valor.

This is coolbert:

 First from Harry at the Sharkhunters web site: we have this comment: 

"STOLEN VALOR! - By now, everyone knows what the Supreme Court of the United States did yesterday and each of us has an opinion..........and we will not go into that here. In our opinion, however. the Supreme Court did a tremendous DIS-service to our military and our veterans when they struck down the 'Stolen Valor' Act. For those who are not familiar with this law, it makes it a crime for anyone to claim military decorations that were not awarded to them. In other words, those who FALSELY claimed they were decorated with the Medal of Honor - or any other decoration for that matter, they could be arrested and charged with a crime. The Supreme Court threw that law out! They said that telling lies is not a crime!"

 I was afraid this was going to happen and it has!

 The Stolen Valor Act has been ruled and deemed as unconstitutional.

A violation of the First Amendment - - no abridgment of freedom of speech.

Those military wannabee heroes, the prevaricator, the poseur, that person claiming to have performed all sorts of military heroics and having been awarded decorations NONE of which is factual NO LONGER can be arrested and sent to prison for LYING!! 

I-was-an-Army-airborne-ranger-and-won-the-Congressional-Medal-of-Honor-but-I-can't-tell -you-the-details-as-it-is-TOP-SECRET-don't-you-know!!

 Let the sad sack mentally terribly troubled individual rave on, so all may know the sad sack mentally terribly troubled individual for what he is.

 [the court seems to say that merely telling lies is not a crime, telling lies as part committing fraud is a crime, that is true!!]


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