Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This is coolbert:

This is major! Very much so!

An intact [?] and whole [?] Stuka to be raised from the depths. "Virtually no Original German aircraft left" from that era of the Second World War [WW2]! Thanks in totality to Der Spiegel and the tip from DEC.

This plane can be brought back to life? Perhaps not! If feasible and in fly-able condition, such an airplane would be worth a fortune and double in value each and every year!!

"German Army to Lift WWII Divebomber from Baltic"

"The German army is lifting a Junkers 87 'Stuka' divebomber from the Baltic Sea floor just off the coast. Berlin's military museum is eager to exhibit the feared plane, known for its ear-piercing siren designed to spread panic in World War II. There are virtually no original German aircraft left from either of the two world wars."

"The German army began an operation this week to lift a World War II divebomber from the seabed off the island of RĂ¼gen, located in the Baltic Sea just off of Germany's northern coast."

 The Ju-87 at least from 1940 and the Battle of Britain was considered to be an obsolete warplane? Various incarnations of further development from the circa 1940 model existed but the plane was still inadequate?

I had not noticed this before but the Ju-87 and the Soviet Il-2 bear a striking resemblance [Stuka does not have retractable landing gear]? Perhaps the Soviet design bureaus benefited in some manner from espionage or was it a case of independent and parallel development?

You the devoted reader to the blog have to decide for yourself!


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