Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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Thanks to Radio Free Asia we can follow the latest developments in Burma. Ethnic violence between Muslims and Buddhists. Numbers killed and many more made homeless. I am following closely. A volatile situation if there ever was one.

Rape as the cause of the violence it is alleged. The passions of hate are stirred up in a big way by rape, perhaps as in no other way so intense. Obvious and recall that ten year war as fought in Lebanon from decades ago now began as a case of rape and retaliation!!

Rohingya people, stateless and refugees, related to their Islamic brethren in Bangladesh, restive and now in open conflict with the Buddhist majority of Burma, this is bad already and could get worse.

"Emergency Declared in Rakhine"

"Rakhine state was named after its dominant, mostly Buddhist ethnic group. But it is also home to a large Muslim population, including the Rohingya, a stateless people described by the U.N. as one of the world's most persecuted minorities."

It is from the ranks of the Rohingya people that terrorists, insurgents, suicide bombers are found.

"The Burmese government regards the Rohingya as foreigners and not among the nation's ethnic groups. Many Burmese consider them illegal immigrants."

"The emergency action came after riots in two Rakhine areas on Friday left at least seven people dead and 17 wounded, according to state media."

"The violence sparked off a week ago after the rape and murder of a Buddhist woman. An angry mob, mistakenly believing the perpetrators of the rape were on board a bus, beat 10 Muslim passengers to death."

"This weekend, at least 500 houses and other buildings have been razed as the unrest spread with mob and revenge attacks, state media reported. One report said 5,000 people have been made homeless."

Please recall that the British Admiral Parry suggested from his macro world scale intelligence preparation of the battlefield that Bangladesh, that entire Bay of Bengal area the part of the planet where the world order as we understand it is most likely to break up. That might include Burma as I see it. Cyclone Nargis and all the damage it did perhaps could have been a catalyst leading to breakup and total disintegration of an entire society, with all that will mean. Did not occur, but the potentiality was there. With this too perhaps!!


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