Thursday, June 21, 2012


This is coolbert:

Saw this item in the op-ed section of the Chicago Tribune the other day and have linked for your perusal.

"The grim Reaper" - -By Robert C. Koehler.

Drones in all their myriad of types and variations and NOW having an enhanced KILL capability and not merely reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence gathering are the NOW and future of the U.S. military undeniably.

Those descriptive names for the drones too Mr. Koehler stating evocative of almost supernatural forces at work: "Reaper", "Predator", "Hellfire", and now "Switchblade".

[are you prepared for a knife fight??]

Drones the program of which was one of the two projects that President Bush told President Obama were vital and should not be curtailed. Drones the one war-making tool NOW used in a much greater way by the current President than was used by the former.

[and drone warfare not waged willy-nilly either or in an unrestrained manner but with a lot of protocols in place to minimize civilian casualties and collateral damage, so we are told!!]

Drones making war more likely NOW THAT THE DANGER TO AMERICAN PARTICIPANTS IS MUCH LESS? Long-range warfare fought via a television console and home to mother or wife for dinner tonight!

"computer operators several thousand miles from the action, in Nevada or Ohio, California or Missouri, can take out 'insurgents' in Afghanistan or Pakistan or Yemen with no more risk than gamers face as they pursue their fantasy conquest of evildoers — drones also indulge a dark yearning to acquire godlike power, to attain omnipotence."

[Mr. Koehler doubts that adherents to Al Qaeda are a threat and danger to the United States and all the citizenry? NOT a threat in the mind of Mr. Koehler? NOT unlawful enemy combatants waging war against the United States?]

Drones are an example of asymmetric warfare as waged by the American military? Fight the enemy with weaponry for which he has no response? Recall the admonition of Alexander Survorov:

"fight the enemy with weapons you have and he does not!!"


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