Sunday, April 5, 2009


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Well, the expected launch of the North Korean missile has occurred. And the results are reported as conflicting. The U.S. says that the launch did occur, but was a failure! The satellite did not orbit, the third stage of the missile and payload falling into the Pacific, all under the careful watch of Japanese and U.S. naval war craft.

The North Koreans, on the other hand, boast of a successful orbiting of the satellite, which, right now, AS WE SPEAK, IS BROADCASTING REVOLUTIONARY SONGS!!

[these broadcasts, if actually occurring, can be picked up on the high-frequency band? How do you know they are emanating from the satellite? Perhaps they are on the very high or ultra high frequency band?]

1. "Failed launch could boost weapons capability"

"The US was quick to pour cold water on North Korea’s claim on Sunday that it had fired a rocket carrying a communications satellite into space."

"North Korea claimed the rocket had successfully sent a satellite into space. The North Korean state-run news agency said the satellite was playing revolutionary songs."

"The Pentagon soon rejected the claim that North Korea has succeeded in putting its first satellite in space, saying the final stages of the multi-stage rocket – including the payload – had fallen into the Pacific Ocean."

"The first stage of the rocket fell into the Sea of Japan, which North Korea had flagged would happen. North Korea had notified international organisations that the second stage would fall into the Pacific, and the third stage – carrying the payload – would have travelled into space if successful. But the Pentagon said the final stages of the rocket and its payload also fell into the Pacific."

However, even more North Korea missile launches are to be expected. An unanticipated capacity and ability for repeated missile launches is at hand?

2. "North Korea 'preparing second missile launch' "

"North Korea is expected to fire a second missile - and possibly more - if the United Nations condemns the planned launch of what Pyongyang claims is a communications satellite into orbit later this week."

"Media reports in Japan suggest that an additional medium-range missile is being prepared at a launch site near the east-coast city of Wonsan"

"It is very possible that North Korea will not just limit itself to launching even two missiles," said Hiroyasu Akutsu, an analyst with the National Institute of Defence Studies, affiliated with Japan's Defence Ministry.

Even a nation as isolated as North Korea, a black-hole of misery and poverty and oppression, when it harnesses the full potentiality of its scientists, engineers, technicians, and having the political wherewithal and ambition to do so, can accomplish "feats" more advanced nations cannot even contemplate! The firing off of mulitiple ballistic missiles in short-order being such a "feat"!

We have not heard the final word on this matter?


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