Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is coolbert:

Here is a very recent historical discovery. Striking in importance? Discoveries of this kind are very rare?

Letters - - forty-seven of them - - the existence of which was hitherto unknown - - detailing the role as played by Ben Franklin in what became known as the “Braddock Affair”. [also called the “wagons affair”]

A sheaf of letters, carried on the person of Franklin during an English sojourn, evidence that he - - Ben - - WAS A MAN OF IMPORTANCE!! A correspondence by Ben Franklin that has a definite military dimension!

"'Copies of Letters Relating to the March of General Braddock,' referring to the ill-starred venture of a British general dispatched in 1755 to capture Fort Duquesne"

[“yes, I am somebody, and here is proof of it!!”]

The English General Edward Braddock, prior to his abortive and ultimately disastrous march upon the French Fort Duquesne, had been promised 2500 horses and 200 wagons for his supply column, ONLY A TENTH OF WHICH HAD BEEN PROVIDED!

Franklin, using his good offices, powers of persuasion, and reputation, was able to obtain the necessary horses and wagons as demanded by Braddock.

"As a leading citizen in the colony of Pennsylvania, Franklin was handed the thankless job of helping the British forces round up wagons and horses to transport Braddock's forces and supplies."

Little good those horses and wagons did Braddock. The events that transpired at Fort Duquesne being well known. Ambush, disastrous retreat, the death of Braddock, an almost total annihilation of the British army contingent, only a third escaping to safety. THIS TOO AT THE HANDS OF MUCH SMALLER AND LESS WELL EQUIPPED FRENCH/AMERICAN INDIAN ADVERSARY!! Abject humiliation.

So terrible was the battle of Fort Duquesne, so utterly were the British and their American colonialist allies routed and defeated, that persons “in the know” spoke of events only in HUSHED TONES!!


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