Saturday, April 18, 2009


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Here from the Times Online an interview with the Mumbai police detective assigned to handle the criminal case against Azam the sole surviving terrorist from the 2008 attack:

"The Pakistan link: Mumbai terror detective tells of world plot"

"As terrorists struck Mumbai, Rakesh Maria, an officer whose exploits have inspired Bollywood, faced his most valuable captive"

Azam WAS interrogated at length subsequent to his capture. Recall that Azam was beaten pretty good after being taken prisoner, laying on the ground, being pummeled by Indian police wielding long sticks. A beating captured by cell phone, Rodney Glenn King-LA riots like.

“In those first moments he was in our custody, I had just four questions,” Mr Maria told The Times. “How many terrorists? How well armed? What were their plans? How did they get here?”

"on the first night of the November attack, Mr Kasab showed signs of having been trained to withstand interrogation, but soon broke down."

“'Kasab was relatively forthcoming,' Mr Maria said, dismissing suggestions that his men resorted to torture – - 'Real interrogation never works like that. It’s not as you see it in the films,' he said."

"The case against Mr Kasab compiled by Mr Maria has resulted in a massive 11,000 page charge sheet. It names 37 other suspects [among the suspects are] Colonel Saadat Ullah [Pakistani Army], who is alleged to have helped to set up the Internet telephony system through which the gunmen received instruction from their Pakistan-based handlers."

That would be the Voice Over Internet Protocol [VOIP] as used by the Mumbai terrorists. VOIP as provided by Skype, complete with embedded encryption, defying [??] the efforts of the various Indian radio intercept services.


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