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From a prior blog entry:

"Airmen, performing their mission utilizing a variety of surveillance devices, sentry and guard dogs, fighting vehicles as warranted!"

Military units, such as the Air Force Security Forces, guarding airbases from ground attack, utilizing sentry and attack dogs. Versatile and very effective companions to the human soldier [airman]!

"he [dog] can see two looks, and when a cloud passes overhead, he [dog], can hear it!!" - - as told by a Mohawk American Indian to a NYC detective in the movie, "Wolfen"!

* Sentry dog - - detects the presence of an intruder and alerts the handler, but does not attack!

* Guard dog - - NOT only detects your presence, but is released and comes after you TO KILL YOU! NOT ONLY TRYING TO KILL, BUT DOING SO WITH RELISH!

Suvorov is most empahatic that "the most frightening, demoralising opponent of the spetsnaz soldier has always been and always will be": DOG!

Spetsnaz! Those troops of the Soviet/Russian ground forces whose primary mission is to attack in time of war, and even prior to the beginning of overt hostilities, the nuclear weapons assets of an enemy nation. Cutthroat killer elite ranger/commando/special operations soldiers who recognize that their [spetsnaz] most dangerous opponent on the battlefield will be the enemy [American] military working dog [MWD]!

"A Spetsnaz soldier has many enemies . . . But your principal enemy always remains the same. Your principal enemy, my friend, has its ears standing up, yellow fangs with drops of evil saliva, a gray fur with a long tail. Its eyes are brown with yellow spots and its coats is red-brown beneath the collar. It is your principal enemy because it is quicker than you. It detects your scent with it nose. And it has a tremendous leap when it hurls itself at your throat."

"The most frightening, demoralising opponent of the spetsnaz soldier has always been and always will be the dog. NO electronic devices and no enemy firepower has such an effect on his morale as the appearance of dogs."

"Surveys conducted among soldiers, sergeants and officers in spetsnaz produce the same answer again and again: the last thing they want to come up against is the enemy's dogs."

Spetsnaz troops, being taught during their intensive training, a variety of martial arts techniques that allow them to DEFEAT an attacking dog! NOT ONLY learn the methods of close-quarters-combat with a vicious dog, but PRACTICE these methods in REAL LIVE FIGHTS WHERE DEATH IS A REAL POSSIBILTIY!!
"A soldier armed with nothing but the spade is shut in a room without windows along with a mad dog, which makes for an interesting contest."

"Unpleasant surprises are always awaiting the spetsnaz soldier . . . sometimes in the most unlikely situations . . . On a Saturday evening, when it seems that a hard week is behind him, he is grabbed and thrown into a small prison cell with a snarling dog."

The Soviet/Russian spetsnaz units may also have with them, canine companions whose sole purpose is TO DEFEAT AMERICAN ATTACK DOGS!!

"Dogs perform a lot of tasks in the modern spetsnaz . . . They are just as mobile as the men themselves, since they can be dropped by parachute in special soft containers . . . Some especially powerful and vicious dogs are trained for one purpose alone - - to guard the group and to destroy the enemy's dogs if they appear."

One such American air base, utilizing dogs as part of the security and guard force is: Whiteman Air Force Base

"Whiteman Air Force Base is a base of the United States Air Force in Johnson County, Missouri, United States."

Whiteman has been and is now an important part of the U.S. nuclear deterrent and retaliatory capability. WOULD BE IN TIME OF WAR AN IMPORTANT TARGET FOR SPETSNAZ FORCES!!
"The host wing is the 509th Bomb Wing (509 BW) of the Air Combat Command (ACC), which operates the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber."

"In 1961 Whiteman AFB [was selected] as a support base for a wing of Minuteman ICBMs . . . with 150 missile silos and 15 launch control centers being built . . . The 351st Strategic Missile Wing [Minuteman missile equipped] continued to serve until the end of the Cold War and was later deactivated in the 1990s"

Whiteman AFB - - the kennels of which are now undergoing a "makeover"!

"DOGS' LIFE: Whiteman getting $4.2 million dog kennel"

"$4.2 million set aside for the building and equipment of a new security force dog kennel and animal clinic at Whiteman."

"The kennel will house the 12 authorized military working dogs, giving each of them a 12 x 8-foot living space."

A couple of things about this photo. That orange coat is impervious to the bite of the dog. Great for the wearer. And those ROTC cadets witnesssing the practice attack, should be grateful they are on the side of the fence they are on!

The military working dog [MWD] does deserve decent care and treatment. MWD are valuable assets EVEN TO BE CHERISHED!! Not to be treated "as dogs"!

Incidentally, Paul Tibbets III now flies the B-2 Stealth bomber, presumably out of Whiteman! The grandson of the man who flew the Enola Gay, dropping the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima!


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