Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dirty Bomb II.

This is coolbert:

Here is the final and ultimate dope on the Iranian vessel, allegedly carrying an enormous cargo of radioactive sand, intended to be detonated in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Israel? A gigantic "dirty bomb"!! Spewing highly toxic radioactive waste, carried by the prevailing winds, rendering Israel an uninhabitable wasteland?!

Thanks here again to Devorah for the tip to the TBR News web site!

"The ship was released by Somali pirates on October 10, after a $250,000 cash bribe was paid by the U.S. Navy for her release. The MV Iran Denyant was taken into immediate custody of a joint naval task force present, to include Russian and French ships. Crew members had all been interrogated and all of them, deemed 'uninformed of the ship’s course or cargo' were duly released to their diplomatic representatives. The ship was boarded, occupied and thoroughly searched by U.S. Navy specialists but a subsequent report on the suspicious cargo containers has been heavily classified.(‘Top Secret - Galactic’)"

[Top Secret - - Galactic!!?? Sounds fishy to me!!]

"Russian sources indicate that the ship was carrying a 'highly radioactive' cargo in 'specially built' containers . . . At the request of American authorities, the Russians have refused to release any further information."

"Her [the Iranian ship] cargo contained 'a significant quantity' of radioactive waste from China, in lead-lined and secured cargo containers . . . The ship was never boarded by anyone from the time she left Nanjing in China until the Somali pirates grabbed her. Sixteen pirates died within two weeks, of heavy radiation poisoning, and three more are expected to die. An international force consisting of American, Russian, French and Dutch ships were involved in blockading the ship and preventing her from leaving Somalian waters. A 'ransom' of $250,000 was eventually paid by the U.S., the ship boarded by the Navy, her cargo secured and the crew interrogated and eventually released and the ship was moved, under her own power and with an American crew, to the Muscat port where the U.S. Navy has docking rights."

Regarding TBR NEWS, validity and veracity of same:

"We [TBR News] have been accused of being neo-Nazis, Communists, anti-Semites, Christian haters, certainly not Bush friendly and guilty of treason, aggravated mopery, theft of mattress tags from cheap motels, chronic jaywalking and disturbers of the political peace."

"I [Walter Storch, the webmaster] run this site all by myself with a little help from various friends, both inside and outside of the Beltway."

"Contrary to the hysterical views of rabid trailer park Bush supporters, I [Walter Storch] was not suckled by a werewolf and I am not a member of the far left. In point of fact, I am a very disillusioned moderate Republican whose family were bankers, brokers and CEOs of various nice companies."

A "dirty bomb" creating a spew of radioactivity, contaminating in one fell swoop the entirety of Israel, or a goodly portion thereof, would invite, nay, almost mandate NUCLEAR RETALIATION ON THE PART OF THE ISRAELI THAT WOULD BE OF APOCALYPTIC PROPORTIONS!!
This "news item" has been totally and irrevocably "blacked out" by the main stream media [MSM]?

At some point we shall learn more? Doubt it if the story is TRUE!!


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