Saturday, February 1, 2020


This is coolbert:

More calculation within the context of the Battle of Jutland, 1916. The dollar value [2019 dollars American $] of those twenty-eight British battleships present at Jutland was?

The Grand Fleet [British] consisting of one-hundred fifty-one warships, twenty-eight of which classed as battleships.

Strictly with regard to British battleships at Jutland the cost of those massed vessels alone approximates to $SEVEN BILLION dollars American in current [2020] value.

Assumptions made.

1. British Grand Fleet at Jutland consisted of twenty-eight battleships.

2. Approximate cost [rough estimate] of each British battleship [1916] about two million English £ pounds.

3. One £ pound value in 1916 worth five American $ Dollars.

4. From an inflationary calculator an item costing one American $ dollar [1916] that same item would cost approximately twenty-five times in an American $ dollar [2020].

5. Calculation: Twenty-eight X two million X five X 25 approximately = $Seven billion American Dollars [2020].

A tidy sum whatever way you count and calculate, assumptions all approximate, again, strictly that amount for British battleships only.

Anybody have a problem with my methodology or calculations?


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