Wednesday, February 12, 2020


This is coolbert:

"No person can command a nuclear equipped unit if even the appearance of wrong-doing exists, even if totally unfounded."

 Once again the topic of the American military man behaving badly.

 See my most recent blog entry same topic.

 And yet once more a SENIOR COMMANDING OFFICER. And a senior ranking officer also THE COMMANDER OF A NUCLEAR EQUIPPED UNIT!

"Fired Navy sub commander had affair with spouse of enlisted sailor"

"The former commanding officer of the USS Montpelier pleaded guilty in December to charges stemming from an inappropriate relationship [sexual I assume] with the spouse [I am assuming the wife] of an enlisted subordinate, according to the Navy's report of trial results. Cmdr. William B. Swanbeck, who was relieved of command of the fast-attack submarine in June 2018 due to 'a loss of confidence in his ability to command,' pleaded guilty at a special court martial to conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman as part of a pretrial agreement for engaging in the inappropriate relationship. Swanbeck was sentenced on Dec. 4 to a reprimand and the forfeiture... "


1. At least until relatively recently American fast attack submarines no longer carrying nuclear munitions. That policy has been changed!

2. Making matters worse is that the Commander was having an affair with the wife [?] of an ENLISTED MAN. A "loss of confidence" surely a major factor in the dismissal of the Commander.

From the career and promotion consideration the Commander has now a major impediment never to be surmounted!!


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