Friday, September 21, 2012

Sinai Salafi.

This is coolbert:

That recent attack on the American embassy in Libya has received extensive coverage in the U.S. main stream media [MSM].

The results widely and well known, the American ambassador and three close associates killed after a lengthy firefight and battle. Militants what they are called, and perhaps associated with or affiliated with Al Qaeda to blame.

THIS HOWEVER WAS NOT REPORTED IN AMERICAN MSM! That MFO in the Sinai desert also under pretty severe attack. Also "militants" associated or affiliated with Al Qaeda to blame.

Sinai desert Bedouin having a salafist orientation acting in concert with their cohorts in Benghazi apparently, that predominantly U.S. MFO now besieged and in peril. From one week ago only today!

As report no where else [?] but in the DEBKAfile:

"Al Qaeda attacks US-led Sinai peace mission"

"14 Sept. Four Colombian peacekeepers were injured holding off hundreds of Salafi Bedouin linked to al Qaeda who stormed the Multinational Force’s camp in northern Sinai with grenades, mortars and automatic guns Friday, Sept. 14. The 1,500 mostly US troops are posted in Sinai to monitor the Egyptian-Israeli 1979 peace accords. This was the second al-Qaeda-instigated assault on a primarily American target in the Middle East in four days after the murder of four US diplomats in Benghazi Tuesday."

DEBKA knows this and the rest of the world does not? And why is that?

Salafists of course those Muslims in  their own fashion seeking to emulate as closely as possible the first three generations of Muslims from the time of Muhammad forward. Since the revolution in Egypt that Bedouin in the Sinai now emboldened and well armed it would seem.

Get that MFO out of the Sinai and quick. Before they are toast and have to flee for their very lives.


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