Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dickey Chappelle.

This is coolbert:

From that era of the Vietnam War and prior during both the Second World War [WW2] and Korea the American photo-journalist Dickey Chappelle "embedded" [that word not used at the time] with the troops during combat operations in a manner AS NO OTHER WOMAN REPORTER EVER WAS!!

Dickey noted for the wearing of military uniform, combat boots, the Australian bush hat, and her trademark large glasses.

Those various women reporters currently covering combat action in places such as Afghan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the trail-blazing efforts of Dickey Chappelle?  Dickey losing her life most tragically during the Vietnam Conflict, mortally wounded while embedded with American Marines while on patrol.

Some images of Dickey Chappelle done as in a photo-journalistic manner.

Dickey displays some souvenirs. That appears to be Vietnamese language writing on the paper she hold in her hand.

This image showing a detachment of Sea Swallow militia under the command of Father Augustine. Sea Swallows ethnic Chinese patrolling and eradicating Viet Cong units at the very southern tip of Vietnam during the Second Indo-China War. An image originally published by the National Geographic magazine in 1966, Dickey Chappelle the author. Dickey had a definite artistic flair!

This particular image surprises me. That is Dickey with a group of Algerian FLN guerrilla fighters, circa 1954. Dickey not only in the photo but she becomes part of the story as well, intentionally or otherwise. Dickey again noted for wearing the fatigues, combat boots, the apparel of the common soldier. At that point in time, the traditional Islamic society not so hostile to the foreign women mixing among the men?

Dickey Chappelle certain followed her bliss and did so with panache and a lot of gusto and is to be highly commended as she was at the time and should be now. We should all lead lives like Dickey but unfortunately  few of us ever do so.


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