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Eddie Heimberger American naval officer comporting himself with courage during the Battle of Tarawa. Yeoman duty literally his leadership unmistakable.

Eddie Heimberger the actor. Better known as Eddie Albert. Famous for his Hollywood cinematic roles. Eddie one of a number of Hollywood personalities volunteering for duty during the Second World War and seeing combat action. Combat action such as at Tarawa of an almost unparalleled nature.

Even more and to the point some items as discussed in the You Tube video concerning Tarawa.

* Fighting at Tarawa about THIRTY TIMES AS INTENSE as during the Guadalcanal Campaign. My figure based on number of ground force dead for the period of time.

* Guadalcanal campaign: "Marines lost 1,592 men" killed in action. Additionally: "Army divisions lost 550" killed in action. Guadalcanal campaign last six months. Tarawa the battle lasting three days!!

* Comparing Guadalcanal to Tarawa: "The 2nd Marine Division suffered 894 killed in action . . . while an additional 84 of the wounded survivors later succumbed to what proved to be fatal wounds."

* Even beyond the ground force casualties at Tarawa add those killed in action from the sinking of the USS Liscome Bay. Escort carrier torpedoed and blown to bits the result catastrophic casualties.

Recognize also that Eddie Albert only one of many American heroes at Tarawa. "Uncommon valor was a common virtue on Iwo Jima". As it was at Iwo Jima so it was it previously at Tarawa.


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