Wednesday, January 2, 2019


This is coolbert:


Again extracts with commentary from the Internet web site "Great Power War". Topics in all cases aviation . . . oddities and curiosities for want of a better term and description.

"The Coolest Experimental Planes of World War II"

"Ryan P-59 Fireball"


"The development of jet fighters began during World War II began, but the United States fell behind early as it worked on fielding propeller-driven aircraft and then building them in great numbers. One of the earliest efforts was the U.S. Navy’s P-59 Fireball, a hybrid propeller-jet fighter that lacked in several areas."

A puller and a pusher. Internal combustion engine up front and the jet engine at the rear.

The U.S. Navy in the post-war [WW2] era DID employ a hybrid warplane, the AJ Savage. A combination of propeller and turbo-jet engines. AJ a bomber warplane as to be used in a strategic nuclear role, flown from super-carriers.


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