Wednesday, July 24, 2013


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From a comment to the blog by Dan:

"Bert you need to read about one of those teenagers: Hein [Heinrich] Severloh who killed more then 3,000 U.S. troops during circa 9 hours firing a MG 42 and Karabiner 98ks, both weapons shot 7.92×57mm Mauser cartridges. A U.S. Destroyer with 5inch shells was unable to stop his slaughter. He was in an open firing pit and totally exposed otherwise."

And thanks for the comment Dan.

This Hein Severloh was a German troop defending Omaha beach on 6 June. A man by his own description also less than physically fit, the result of a punitive punishment regimen. Assigned to the German 352nd Infantry, that unit categorized and rated as a "static" unit not capable of offensive action.

I think that it is more correct to state that Hein participated [a MAJOR participant] in the battle during which 3,000 Americans were killed on Omaha. [About 5,000 U.S. troops killed total that first day in Normandy] NOT than Hein personally and single-handedly killed 3,000 Americans.

The wiki entry suggests the actions of Hein ALONE causing about 1,000 American casualties. Casualties to include all those killed [KIA] and wounded [WIA]. The rule of thumb during world War Two [WW2] in the U.S. experience was that for every 350 troops wounded about 100 were killed. Hein by such calculations WAS responsible for a lot of U.S. casualties but the number of KIA was probably far less than 3,000, perhaps more like several hundred? Still a big number, Hein standing his ground most resolutely, his devotion to duty most admirable.

By his own recollections Hein fired off about 12,000 rounds of ammo. This is plausible, his comrades continually bringing him replenishment, that weight of ammunition nearly half a ton [English], about four hundred kilograms!! German protocols during that period also called for a barrel change on the MG42 every two hundred rounds or so, the weapon having a tendency to malfunction otherwise?



maximex said...

The information is correct. Two ammunition belt, and the need for a new barrel.
MG-42 is still the world's fastest one-barreled sarjatuliase.

The gun was capable of easily more than 1500 shots / minute rate of fire.
Too much heat is always the problem of weapons, engines and power transmission.

The gun was able to fire in a particular sector, shooters always stays protected.
The Allies feared and hated that gun.
The voice was said to bring to mind the fabric to tear.

If you look at the U.S. for example, machine guns, many can be found in many of the same features of the MG-42 type.
Spanish gun factory, Santa Barbara, continues to produce the older MG 34 type.

Similarly, the German Fallschirmjäger helmet (short neck) is currently the model for almost all over the Western Alliance military and police forces.

maximex said...

StG-44/45 Sturmgewehr = current AK-47 almost directly.
Similarly, the 7.92x33 Kurz cartridge, which is still used in Russian.