Monday, July 29, 2013

Gripen vs. F-35.

This is coolbert:

Here some definitive and very worrisome indications that the EXPORT version of the American F-35 Lightning is slowly but surely becoming a NOT-WANTED item.

Too expensive and delivery too far down the line.

And AN alternative existing at a lower cost with not so much less capability and available NOW!

The Swedish Gripen. An advanced version of the original Gripen actively being considered as the go-to in the case of smaller nations needing a more modern and suitable fighter warplane and needing one NOW!

South Korea, Turkey and Holland all NOW questioning the entire F-35 acquisition program. This is a major hit and embarrassment to the Lockheed program, EXPORT seen as a major market for the warplane [F-35].

1. "Turkey’s $50-billion jet program in question"

"Turkey must spend nearly $50 billion if it goes ahead with its plans to build and buy 200 locally built fighter jets and acquire 100 more F-35s from an US arms maker. And that amount doesn’t even include the cost of engines for the Turkish fighter"

2. "F-35 to be first to bow out"

"Lockheed Martin’s F-35 faces the distinct possibility of being the first to be eliminated in the ongoing bidding for Korea’s next generation fighter program."

"The weakest point against the latest U.S. aircraft is that its price may go up significantly because it is still in development."

3. "The Gripen Proposition for the Dutch Air Force"

"2013 will be an exciting year for the Dutch Air Force and for Dutch politics. The reason: there is a decision to be taken on the new fighter to replace the outdated F-16s"

"In a report that looks at the various options that are on offer . . . while the U.S. F-35 was the dream candidate for the Dutch Air Force for years, the JSF project is anything but smooth: 'The costs are skyrocketing, there are numerous technical problems and the performance of the aircraft is disappointing.'"

Plus American military consumers of the Lightning already LOCKED into the program, the F-35 agreed upon as the one-and-only plane of the future, a done deal!

Woe to Lockheed!



maximex said...

Yes, Coolbert.
You're right.
When Finland was acquired Hornet fighters, were already then Gripen (Griffin / Grief) Position the machine.
Reason. In Finland, a good experience with Drake fighter.
Then (the Finnish State) supply side held on an engine that was not so reliable
because the British / U.S. refused to sell the other (same F35) engine version.
This new version has a better engine.

Also, the Soviet machines are good, but they (were before) made
maybe about half of Western resistance machines, after which they was / is the renovation of a remake

maximex said...

French Rafale is also far ahead of the United States of development.
Rafale is ready and in production, but acids liberates very expensive, and children's diseases.