Monday, July 29, 2013

Gripen NG.

This is coolbert:

That Gripen already having been chosen by Brazil as the multi-role combat aircraft {MRCA] of the future, that proven winner the Gripen in the improved version referred to as the NG [Next Generation].


That "proven winner" the Gripen currently existing in the C/D and E/F models, that NG the future, attributes of the improve model to include:

* "a more powerful General Electric F414G engine with the ability to supercruise. Its redesigned airframe operates at higher weights, allowing more fuel and weapons to be carried."

* "all-new Selex-Galileo ES-05 Raven AESA (active electronically scanned antenna) radar, developed in cooperation with Saab Microwave."

* "the complete Gripen NG system is controlled by its user, with complete freedom to modify and adapt all of its components to meet national needs"

Swedish combat aircraft also possessing inherent positive features, able to take off and land from almost any 800 meter long concrete road-way.

Gripen re-arm and re-fuel and turn-around time for a trained technician and five conscripts [relatively untrained] TEN MINUTES TOPS!

NOT mentioned by Saab as a feature of great concern to consumers and potential customers is COST!

Gripen is just LESS expensive? NOT cheap in the quality sense, hardly that, but merely costing less money for an above average product, again, the performance is NOT much less than that touted for the American F-35 Lightning.

AND Gripen READY TO GO NOW! That must be a big plus in considerations.


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