Sunday, November 25, 2012

Magic Wand.

This is coolbert:

"Israel is a world leader in this department thanks to the Israeli defense industries and its developers."

ONLY today from YNet this announcement. Another successful test of the Israeli Magic Wand system. An anti-missile system designed to intercept and destroy those rocket artillery of the size beyond the Grad or Fajr size. Magic Wand that counter to the the Iranian Zelzal and ballistic missiles such as the Shahab.

Remarkable technology Iron Dome and now Magic Wand. Israeli perhaps the foremost leader in such technology in the world!!

"Israel successfully tests Magic Wand system"

"System meant to intercept any missile fired at Israel from a distance of at least 70 km, slated to become operational in 2014"

"designed to intercept ballistic missile warheads as well as long-range rockets. The interceptor missile, which is based on the most cutting edge technology in air defense, is estimated to cost $1 million."

The cost of one such missile when fired $1 million per shot. Contrast that to the cost of an Iron Dome interceptor $50,000 per firing or one anti-tank-guided-missile [ATGM] when engaging a target $25,000!

NO ONE ever said war was cheap!


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