Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Thanks to my "Scatter" blog entry from not so long ago and the Lone Sentry WW2 web site article as cited we have some interesting observations regarding the need for cover that degree of protection from enemy fire, injury, wounding or death the possibility great lessened or even eliminated.

"'Fragmentation Bombs' from Tactical and Technical Trends"

"During the Japanese raid on Rangoon, 23 December 1941, some ten or a dozen antipersonnel bombs fell in an open space of about 150 by 250 yards, which was laced with slit trenches. But the people were on top of the trenches and even ran out of them, with the result that 250 were killed on the spot in a few minutes."

"Had these people remained in the trenches, even without overhead cover, the casualties would have been negligible by comparison. The slit trench or foxhole provides excellent protection against small fragmentation bombs. Wherever they may be expected, a little 'digging in' will pay dividends."

Dividends meaning you will LIVE and not DIE!!

From the Nigel F. Evans British artillery web site we have an actual quantification that amount of protection as afforded to troops seeking shelter, "cover" from enemy bombardment. A little effort going a long way. AND a mere trench the troop finding cover to such an extent that the danger of wounding or death is GREATLY reduced.

 "The Effects of Target Posture"

"It's also useful to note how vulnerability changes with target posture because it suggests the relative amounts of fire needed in different circumstances.  The following estimates the relative risks of becoming a casualty to ground-burst shells on ‘average’ ground':

Standing  - - 1.

Lying  - - 1/3.

Firing from open fire trenches  - - 1/15 – 1/50.

Crouching in open fire trenches  - - 1/25 – 1/100.

Standing in the open and not assuming any sort of protective posture, even merely lying down, and you are the proverbial "toast". Lying [crouching] down in a slit trench and your prospects of surviving an enemy bombardment are greatly enhanced. Without question!

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